Pemenang ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ (THE WINNER) (~‾ ▽‾)~


annyeong..sekarang gue bakal nge-Share Pemenang pemenang di Gaon Chart K-POP AWARDS..penasaran..??Cekidoott

This year, the show was hosted by Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In and Joo Young Hoon.

(`▽´)-σ     New Artists of the Year
Male Group – B.A.P
Female Group – Hello Venus
Male Solo – John Park
Female Solo – Ailee

(`▽´)-σ  Songs of the Year (Digital Awards)
January – T-ara Lovey Dovey
February – Big Bang “Blue
March – Big Bang “Fantastic Baby
April – Busker Busker Cherry Blossom Ending
May – TaeTiSeo “Twinkle
June – Wonder Girls “Like This
July – 2NE1 “I Love You
August – Psy Gangnam Style
September – Seo In Guk & A Pink‘s Eunji All For You
October – Ga In “Bloom
November – Lee Hi “1,2,3,4
December – Lee Seung Gi “Return

(`▽´)-σ   Albums of the Year
1st Quarter – Big Bang ‘Alive
2nd Quarter – TaeTiSeo ‘Twinkle
3rd Quarter – Super Junior ‘Sexy, Free & Single
4th Quarter – TVXQ ‘Catch Me

(`▽´)-σ   Hot Trend Award
A Pink

(`▽´)-σ   Hip Hop Award
Double K

(`▽´)-σ   Hallyu Special Award

(`▽´)-σ   Best Producer Award
Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment

(`▽´)-σ   Composer Award
Teddy Park

(`▽´)-σ   Lyricist Award
Kim Min Ah

(`▽´)-σ   Style of the Year
Choreography – Lee Ju Seon
Stylist – Sung Jung Ok

(`▽´)-σ   International Song of the Year
Maroon 5 “Payphone

So..Ho about your IdoL..??are they Won..?? ^^

leave your comment..gomawoo.. *BOW*


Source : @allkpop



24 thoughts on “Pemenang ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ (THE WINNER) (~‾ ▽‾)~

  1. “Pemenang ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ (THE WINNER) (~‾ ▽‾)~ | Welcome in lorie’s Blog” genuinely makes myself think a small amount further. I personally appreciated every individual element of this post. I appreciate it -Hermine

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